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Many times the public takes for granted how electricity powers their days and makes a difference in their lives. Often folks working in the power and energy community are behind the scenes making things happen without much publicity or recognition. As IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) members, we have a responsibility and opportunity to recognize our colleagues, those who have provided leadership and service in moving forward state-of-the-art technical information through their work on publications, standards, conferences, technical committees, and Chapters. As volunteers we do amazing things within our profession for the betterment of society.

Though PES is the third largest Society within IEEE, over the past several years we have seen a decrease in the number of PES members nominated for IEEE Fellow. Additionally the percentage of IEEE Fellows from PES in recent classes has decreased. Within the IEEE Field Awards, PES members have backgrounds relevant to eight to ten of the awards. PES has over 20 Society-level awards that recognize individual contributions, publications, service, and more. There has also been a drop in nominations for many of these awards.

The IEEE and PES awards and recognition programs are essential in acknowledging and highlighting the contributions of our volunteers in advancing our profession. When a PES member is elected an IEEE Fellow or is awarded an IEEE medal or field award, in addition to personal recognition, this honor provides recognition for the PES and our contributions within IEEE and society.

Awards and recognition activities are a marathon, not a sprint. Reviewing the biographies of IEEE medal and field award recipients shows a progression of recognition for the individual as his/her career advances. To be nominated for consideration as an IEEE Fellow one must be a Senior Member. Most IEEE-level awardees have distinguished themselves by receiving Society-level awards, showing recognized stature within their own Society first before being recognized by IEEE.

The PES Governing Board and PES Awards and Recognition Committee are looking to be more proactive in two areas related to awards

  • by encouraging additional award nominations for IEEE Fellow, IEEE awards, and PES awards

  • doing additional promotion and recognition in the hometowns and Chapters of IEEE- and PES-level awardees.

During the PES Governing Board meeting at the 2010 PES General Meeting, we developed a task force to look at the issues related to best practices for PES awards. Based on the activities of the task force we improved the PES awards Web site (http://www.ieee-pes.org/about-pes/awards), created marketing strategies to encourage additional nominations, developed a workshop at the 2011 General Meeting, “Best Practices for Fellow Nominations,” and developed press release materials to distribute to local newspapers and Chapters of IEEE and PES awardees. We are also pulling together a group of PES members who can help identify and encourage our PES awardees to be nominated for IEEE-level awards.

You may be asking “How does this involve me?” We need your help! Award nominations require planning to develop the most competitive package possible. Now is the time to start thinking about those colleagues you would like to nominate. How do you get started?

There are multiple opportunities for awards and recognition within PES on many different levels and for a wide range of activities for in–dividuals, groups, committees, and Chapters. PES-level awards (http://www.ieee-pes.org/about-pes/awards) include:

Let's look at these awards and some deadlines. Additional details can be found at Web sites cited above.

PES Awards

Each of our technical committees has three different awards: Distinguished Individual Service Award, Prize Paper Award, and Working Group Recognition Award. Nominations are due on 14 November of each year. Additionally the technical committee prize papers are eligible for the PES Technical Paper Award. The Technical Council has two awards available to volunteers within the various technical committees. These awards are the Technical Committee Service Award and the GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Award. The nomination deadline for these awards is 31 October.

Awards for Chapters include the Outstanding Chapter Award and High-Performing Chapter Award (due 31 January). Additionally, each Chapter can select an Outstanding Engineer Award.

PES-level awards recog-nize various contributions by volunteers. Most of these awards have due dates in late January or early February; exact deadlines can be found on the Web site. These awards recognize contributions within certain technical areas such as distribution engineering, rural electrification, power systems engineering, elec–tromechanical energy con–version, distribution automation, custom power, FACTS, HVDC, or reliability. We also have awards that recognize outstanding power engineering educators and outstanding young engineers.

IEEE Awards

The first step in recognition within IEEE is to advance to Senior Member. The Senior Member application can be done anytime of the year. Requirements are ten years of professional experience, five years of significant performance, and three references from Senior Members or Fellows. The nomination and endorsement process for elevation to Senior Member has been simplified by making it an all-inclusive, online process.

The nomination packet for IEEE Fellow is due by 1 March of each year. Fellow nominations (for details, see http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/fellows/fellow_program_changes.html) can be classified into the following four categories:

  • application engineer/practitioner

  • educator

  • research engineer/scientist

  • technical leader.

This is also an all-inclusive, online process, and the nomination packet must include at least five references by IEEE Fellows. A list of PES members who are IEEE Fellows can be found at http://www.ieee-pes.org/images/pdf/pes-members-who-are-ieee-fellows.pdf.

In addition to the IEEE Senior Member and Fellow recognition, a variety of IEEE medals, technical field awards and recognitions are available. It is very important that we nominate PES members for these medals, awards, and recognitions to acknowledge their accomplishments. Deadlines for these awards are 31 January of each year, and additional information can be found on at http://www.ieee.org/about/awards/index.html.

So please help us recognize our PES members. Who has been a mentor for you and helped you in your career? Who has provided leadership within your Chapter, technical committee, or technical field and should be recognized for his/her efforts? I encourage you to pick at least one person and consider nominating him/her for one of these awards. Recognizing those who have contributed to making PES and IEEE the best it can be is part of our responsibility as a member.

If you would like to be more involved in the PES Awards and Recognition Committee, please e-mail me at n.schulz@ieee.org. If you have questions or suggestions related to awards and recognition, you can also contact Dr. Sandra Ellis (srellis@ieee.org), PES Awards and Recognition chair, or Dr. Mariesa Crow (crow@mst.edu), PES Awards and Recognition vice chair.

Thanks for your help in advancing PES through awards and recognition of our PES members!

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