September/October 2011 | IEEE Power & Energy Magazine
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Piecing the Picture Together
Energy for All
Connecting the Dots
Distributed Management Systems
The Waves of Wind
Keeping the Smart Grid Safe
Lessons Learned
Taking a Global Look
The New World
The Emerging Field of Data Analytics
Plugging into DC
Electrifying Education
All in a Day's Work
Facing New Challenges
Reaching for the Light
Seasons of Change
Protection from the Storm
Europe Lights the Way
Global Changes

From the Editor

Introduction to this Issue

The true management of power distribution systems is certainly an area that had previously not received much intense thought…

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Guest Editorial

Introduction to the Feature Articles

The theme for this issue is distribution management systems (DMSs). The power distribution system is a critical element of the developing smart grid…

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Feature Articles

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By Robert J. Yinger and Ardalan E. Kamiab
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By Larry Clark and Ethan Boardman
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By Sébastien Grenard, Olivier Devaux, Olivier Carré and Olivier Huet
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By Clark W. Gellings
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By Sumit Roy, Dan Nordell and S.S. (Mani) Venkata
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By Roger C. Dugan and Mark McGranaghan
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By Julio Romero Agüero

Departments & Columns

  • Leader’s Corner

    Many times the public takes for granted how electricity powers their days and makes a difference in their lives.

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  • History

    Most students of world war II are aware of the thousands of barrage balloons that Britain employed throughout the war…

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  • Society News

    The IEEE power & energy society (PES) mourns the passing of two of its esteemed members: Paul Anderson and John Vithayathil.

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  • Calendar

    The ieee power & energy society Web site features a meetings section, which includes calls for papers and additional information about each of the PES-sponsored meetings.

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  • In My View

    Power distribution systems are the lowest end of power systems and thus are nearest to the customers.

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