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The Solution May Be DC

Its Part in the Future of Our Electric Power System

Our issue’s theme, DC Technologies: Rapidly Emerging Solutions to Future Electric Power System Alternatives, presents a thorough and thought-provoking insight into what the future of our electric power system may well encompass. Recommended, nay required, reading is Guest Editor Greg Reed’s column beginning on page 10. This eloquent and information-laden column offers the reader historical background, technical detail, as well as a glimpse into the future of our industry.

In This Issue

After reading Greg’s column several times, I realized that I could not add anything that might supplement what he has offered. So allow me to present the six outstanding feature articles that comprise our issue in the order they are presented and leave it to Greg’s column to comment on their significance.

  • “High-Wire Act” by Ram Adapa
  • “Platforms for Change” by Peter Lundberg, Magnus Callavik, Michael Bahrman, and Peter Sandeberg
  • “Magic Bus” by Rajat Majumder, Carsten Bartzsch, Peter Kohnstam, Eric Fullerton, Allan Finn, and Wayne Galli
  • “Edison Redux” by Guy AlLee and William Tschudi
  • “DC, Come Home” by Brian T. Patterson
  • “Ship to Grid” by Gregory F. Reed, Brandon M. Grainger, Adam R. Sparacino, and Zhi-Hong Mao.

Rapid Restoration in Niagara

Perhaps in comparison to the recent blackout that occurred in India or the Japanese disaster, the Schoellkopf event in 1956 pales in comparison. However the loss of the Schoellkopf hydroelectric facility at Niagara Falls created a major problem for the North American electric grid in 1956. The story of the rapid restoration of service, related by Craig Woodworth and edited by Associate Editor Carl Sulzberger in the “History” column, is one worth telling as it reveals the ingenuity and skill that was required to attain a successful resolution.

Offering My Thanks

In this final 2012 issue, I again wish to express my gratitude to the IEEE Power & Energy Magazine Editorial Board, to Power & Energy Society (PES) President Noel Schulz, and to the PES Executive Office for their support. In addition, let me offer thanks to this year’s guest editors, Manimaran Govindarasu, Pete Sauer, Mike Henderson, Hugh Rudnick, Mladen Kezunovic, and Greg Reed, for their efforts. To Associate Editor Carl Sulzberger, whose history contributions are so vital to the success of this publication, my everlasting gratitude. And to the IEEE Magazines staff, Geri Krolin- Taylor, Janet Dudar, Craig Causer, and Gail Schnitzer, whose professionalism contributes so very much to the success of our publication.

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