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Piecing the Picture Together
Energy for All
Connecting the Dots
Distributed Management Systems
The Waves of Wind
Keeping the Smart Grid Safe
Lessons Learned
Taking a Global Look
The New World
The Emerging Field of Data Analytics
Plugging into DC
Electrifying Education
All in a Day's Work
Facing New Challenges
Reaching for the Light
Seasons of Change
Protection from the Storm
Europe Lights the Way
Global Changes

From the Editor

Introduction to this Issue

I am pleased to offer this issue devoted to the integration of wind-generated power into the electric grid.

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Guest Editorial

Introduction to the Feature Articles

Looking back two years to the last issue of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine devoted to utility wind integration issues…

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Feature Articles

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By Richard Piwko, Mitch Bradt, Ernst Camm, Abraham Ellis, Reigh Walling and Mark O’Malley
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By Liping Jiang, Yongning Chi, Haiyan Qin, Zheyi Pei, Qionghui Li, Mingliang Liu, Jianhua Bai, Weisheng Wang, Shuanglei Feng, Weizheng Kong and Qiankun Wang
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By Hannele Holttinen, Antje G. Orths, Peter Børre Eriksen, Jorge Hidalgo, Ana Estanqueiro, Frank Groome, Yvonne Coughlan, Hendrik Neumann, Bernhard Lange, Frans van Hulle and Ivan Dudurych
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By Warren Lasher, Bradley M. Nickell, Michael I. Henderson, Dale Osborn, Charles Liebold, John Adams and Jay Caspary
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By Mark G. Lauby, Mark Ahlstrom, Daniel L. Brooks, Stephen Beuning, Jay Caspary, William Grant, Brendan Kirby, Michael Milligan, Mark O’Malley, Mahendra Patel, Richard Piwko, Pouyan Pourbeik, Dariush Shirmohammadi and J. Charles Smith
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By Robert Zavadil, Nicholas Miller, Abraham Ellis, Eduard Muljadi, Pouyan Pourbeik, Steve Saylors, Robert Nelson, Garth Irwin, Mandhir S. Sahni and Dharshana Muthumuni
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By Mark Ahlstrom, James Blatchford, Matthew Davis, Jacques Duchense, David Edelson, Ulrich Focken, Debra Lew, Clyde Loutan, David Maggio, Melinda Marquis, Michael McMullen, Keith Parks, Ken Schuyler, Justin Sharp and David Souder

Departments & Columns

  • Leader’s Corner

    When I’m asked what stands out over the last two years, the answer is obvious. It is the PES volunteers I have met and worked with.

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  • Book Reviews

    There are two books reviewed in this issue. The first book, Linear Systems, is a valuable contribution to the library …

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  • Calendar

    The IEEE Power & Energy Society Web site features a meetings section, which includes calls for papers and additional information about each of the PES-sponsored meetings.

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  • In My View

    As a research area, grid integration of variable renewable energy resources touches all areas of electrical power engineering. It stretches …

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