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Piecing the Picture Together
Energy for All
Connecting the Dots
Distributed Management Systems
The Waves of Wind
Keeping the Smart Grid Safe
Lessons Learned
Taking a Global Look
The New World
The Emerging Field of Data Analytics
Plugging into DC
Electrifying Education
All in a Day's Work
Facing New Challenges
Reaching for the Light
Seasons of Change
Protection from the Storm
Europe Lights the Way
Global Changes

From the Editor

Introduction to this Issue

It is apparent that we, the electric power industry, are facing a new and challenging paradigm dictated primarily by environmental and social parameters.

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Guest Editorial

Introduction to the Feature Articles

Power system development and expansion are facing new challenges. These challenges are not technical, economic, nor financial in nature…

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Feature Articles

The Vulnerable Amazon

Climate change can have an impact on natural and human systems. This is usually the case with renewable-energy-based energy systems…

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By Roberto Schaeffer, Alexandre Szklo, André Frossard Pereira de Lucena, Rafael Soria and Mauro Chávez-Rodriguez

Climate change affects both energy demand and supply through various parameters.

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By Jayant A. Sathaye, Larry L. Dale, Peter H. Larsen, Gary A. Fitts, Kevin Koy, Sarah M. Lewis and André Frossard Pereira de Lucena
The Future of Coal

Coal-fired power plants currently supply nearly half the electricity consumed worldwide.

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By Andrew Maxon and David Thimsen
The Power of Collaboration

To make our energy systems more sustainable and address climate change, society must transition its electricity infrastructure toward zero emission sources…

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By Todd Schenk and Leah C. Stokes
Latin America Goes Electric

Hydroelectricity was, for many years, one of the main ways to meet the new electricity needs of Latin American countries.

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By Pablo Varas, Manuel Tironi, Hugh Rudnick and Nicolás Rodríguez
Harmonizing AC and DC

It has been over 100 years since Thomas Edison built the first direct current (dc) electricity supply system on 4 September 1882, at Pearl Street in New York City.

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By Peng Wang, Lalit Goel, Xiong Liu and Fook Hoong Choo

Departments & Columns

  • Leader’s Corner

    As engineers, we are often seeking information and input to figure out the best solution to our current project or challenge.

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  • History

    It often appears that everything that could be written has been written with regard to the 1890s competition between alternating current (ac) and direct current (dc) electric power systems.

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  • Society News

    Five IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) members have been chosen to receive 2013 IEEE Field Awards…

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  • Book Reviews

    Four books are reviewed in this issue. We start with Electrical Machines with MATLAB, which the reviewer says…

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  • Calendar

    The IEEE Power & Energy Society website features a meetings section, which includes calls for papers and…

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  • In My View

    What do you associate with climate change? Large United Nations climate conferences with hardly any tangible outcomes, like the one in 2009 in Copenhagen?

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