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PES Members Receive High Honors

Four members of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) have been selected as recipients of an IEEE Medal or a Field Award. The awards and their recipients are:

  • IEEE Power Engineering Medal: Edmund O. Schweitzer, III
  • IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award: Daleep Mohla
  • IEEE Nikola Tesla Award: Manoj Shah
  • IEEE Haraden Pratt Award: Hugh Rudnick

As of the date of this posting, biographical information for Messrs. Shah and Rudnick are not available; their bios and photos will be presented in the July/August issue.

2012 IEEE Medal in Power Engineering

This medal is sponsored by the IEEE Industry Applications, Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, and Power & Energy Societies.

Edmund O. Schweitzer, III

Edmund O. Schweitzer, IIIEdmund O. Schweitzer, III received the medal “for leadership in revolutionizing the performance of electrical power systems with computer-based protection and control equipment.”

The pioneering inventions and leadership of Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, in bringing computer-based protection and control methods to the marketplace have revolutionized safety, reliability, and efficiency in generating, transmitting, and distributing electric power. Dr. Schweitzer envisioned the concept of the “smart grid” long before the term was popularized, recognizing early in his career the importance of computer technology for power protection and control. Microprocessor-based methods, such as digital protective relays, use microcontrollers and software to detect electrical faults in a power system. Digital methods enable engineers to locate power outages more quickly and protect against widespread loss of service compared to traditional electromechanical protective relays. Dr. Schweitzer was not deterred by those in the industry who told him that applying digital technology to power systems was impractical. He founded Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) in 1982 to develop and manufacture digital protective relays, driving his research to commercial application. Schweitzer’s innovations have allowed engineers of all backgrounds to monitor, control, and protect power systems in ways not previously imagined. The application of Schweitzer’s digital technology as replacement equipment or in new installations has led to reduced design work in protection and control systems, flexible operation options, and increased reliability, resulting in reduced cost. SEL equipment is in service around the world at voltages from 5 kV through 500 kV, protecting feeders, motors, transformers, capacitor banks, transmission lines, and other power apparatus.

An IEEE Fellow and member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, Dr. Schweitzer is currently president and chief executive officer of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Pullman, Washington.

2012 IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award

This award is sponsored by the IEEE Standards Association.

Daleep C. Mohla

Daleep C. MohlaDaleep C. Mohla received this award “for contributions to the preparation, dissemination, and advocacy of consensus safety standards for operation and maintenance of industrial and commercial power systems.”

Daleep C. Mohla’s dedication to developing safer equipment and promoting safety standards has helped reduce the number of electrical-related accidents in the workplace over the past 25 years. With experience designing and constructing the electrical infrastructure of petrochemical facilities while with Union Carbide from 1976 to 2001, Mohla employed his “safety by design” concepts, examining each infrastructure design aspect to maximize safety, resulting in many innovations. To spread his safety concepts, Mohla became very involved in the standards field, assisting in creating new standards and modifying existing ones. During the 1990s, Mohla served as chair of the Electrical Functional Team of the Process Industry Practices group, convincing industrial entities to share electrical safety designs. Mohla continues to contribute his expertise to the standards process today, serving multiple IEEE Standards Association working groups related to petrochemical industry safety and arc flash hazard analysis and recommended practices to improve electrical safety. An IEEE Fellow, Mohla is currently a principal consultant with DCM Electrical Consulting Services, Inc., Missouri City, Texas.

New 2012 Fellow

In the last issue, the list of PES members elected IEEE Fellows inadvertently omitted M. Abul Masrur, whose citation is “for contributions to fault diagnostics in electric motor drives and automotive electric power systems.”

IEEE Division Director-Elect Candidates

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Governing Board approved the candidates recommended by the Nominations and Appointments Committee, chaired by immediate Past-President Alan Rotz, for the 2013 position of IEEE Division director-elect.

The approved candidates, in alphabetical order, are

  • Wanda Reder
  • Noel Schulz

The election winner will serve as Division VII director in 2014–2015. Voting members of the PES may, by petition, propose names to be added to the ballot for this office. Contact Carrie Loh ( at IEEE for details.

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