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Energy Metrics

Examining traditional and renewable sources

The paradigms that are faced by the global power industry today are more complicated and confused than I have experienced during my 50-year career in the industry. We are simultaneously faced with confronting global warming issues, the carbon footprints associated with fossil fuel burning emissions, etc., while the demand for energy soars as a result of the rapid industrialization of nations coupled with an ever-increasing global population exacerbating the problem.

It was a sobering picture that was presented to our Editorial Board in 2011, punctuated by the then-recent events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site in Japan that led to the selection of the theme of this issue—energy metrics worldwide: examining traditional and renewable sources of energy. Hugh Rudnick, who led the discussion at that meeting, offered to accept a leadership role in the preparation of the issue and the selection of a global set of authors to attempt to present a worldwide view of what is driving the electricity matrices in different parts of our world.

In This Issue

That Hugh succeeded will be obvious as you read the feature articles that emanate from diverse global locations: China, India, the United States, Latin America, and Africa. Yet another article, from the World Bank, offers a global picture that helps to put the geographic articles into perspective. I have left it to Hugh who, in his “Guest Editorial,” will introduce each of the articles to convey the gist of their messages to our readers. The articles, in order of appearance, are as follows:

  • “Twin Peaks” by Marcelino Madrigal, Mikul Bhatia, Gabriela Elizondo, Ashok Sarkar, and Masami Kojima
  • “Forward Pass” by Timothy D. Heidel, John G. Kassakian, and Richard Schmalensee
  • “Challenges Ahead” by Yunhe Hou and Jin Zhong
  • “Expansion Pressure” by Bernardo Bezerra, Sebastian Mocarquer, Luiz Barroso, and Hugh Rudnick
  • “Growing Pains” by Jyoti Parikh and Kirit Parikh
  • “A Wealth of Possibilities” by Pat Naidoo and P.A. Bacela.

Our issue’s “In My View” column, which Hugh will also introduce, offers an evaluation of the prospects for nuclear power in the wake of the 2010 Japanese disaster.

I believe this issue will offer our readers a most complete and comprehensive picture of where we came from, where we are at, and what may be the future energy choices of our industry.


The “Society News” column is one of great interest. We offer the candidates for the position of IEEE Division VII director-elect in 2013 (who will then serve as the Division director in 2014–2015) who have been nominated by the PES Nominations and Appointment Committee and approved by the Governing Board. The July issue will offer detailed information about these candidates.

Also in the Society News column are news of two of the four PES members who have been honored as recipients of IEEE recognition. They are IEEE Power Engineering Medal winner Edmund O. Schweitzer III and IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award winner Daleep Mohla.

An IEEE Milestone in “History”

Our issue’s “History” column is one very close to my heart. As the historian of the New York Section, it was my privilege to be the sponsor of an IEEE Milestone event honoring the Edison Pearl Street Station, which to my amazement had never occurred given its significance. Research revealed that this had been the result of the historic site being a parking lot for many years. Working with the IEEE History Center, we concluded that Con Edison, our local utility, the direct descendent of the Edison company that built the Pearl Street Station, might be considered for the site of the milestone plaque. That provided the final impetus to proceed with the project.

It was while working on the milestone that I learned of what Robert Lobenstein (Loby) was attempting to do with an Edison 100 kW dynamo from the 1880s. The juxtaposition of these two projects seemed inevitable and fortunately my longtime friend Ronald Bozgo, who was then Con Edison VP of Engineering, was in total agreement when I approached him. And the rest is history, if I’m allowed a pun. Ron and I agreed that when Loby showed us this beautifully refurbished 120-year-old machine in June 2010, and then actually ran it, this was one of the most memorable experiences of each of our engineering careers.

I believe this column, written by Loby and superbly edited by Carl Sulz-berger, will be one that our readers remember. I can report that, though the details were well known to me in advance, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the column and feeling a part of history.

Article Index

I want to alert our readers to a feature recently posted on the PES Web site, an index of all feature articles that have appeared in this magazine from its inception through 2010 (with 2011 to be added in the near future). The direct link is available here. I want to compliment and thank Randi Scholnick of the PES Executive Office staff for the meticulous work that was required to complete this project.

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