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The Waves of Wind
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The New World
The Emerging Field of Data Analytics
Plugging into DC
Electrifying Education
All in a Day's Work
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Reaching for the Light
Seasons of Change
Protection from the Storm
Europe Lights the Way
Global Changes

From the Editor

Introduction to this Issue

Welcome to this third biennial issue devoted to the integration of large-scale solar energy. Once gain Ben Kroposki, of the National Renewable Energy…

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Guest Editorial

Introduction to the Feature Articles

This issue of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine is the third in a series that addresses the integration issues associated with the large-scale…

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Feature Articles

Bright Future

The decrease costs of solar technologies have led to the prospect of a move for photovoltaic and concentrating solar power from niche applications to major contributors…

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By Paul Denholm, Robert Margolis, Trieu Mai, Greg Brinkman, Easan Drury, Maureen Hand and Matthew Mowers

Conventional power plant performance metrics are designed for dispatchable generation. These can be difficult to apply to variable generators such as wind and solar power.

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By Chris Trueblood, Steven Coley, Tom Key, Lindsey Rogers, Abraham Ellis, Cliff Hansen and Elizabeth Philpot

Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI) is one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, serving about 1.9 million customers…

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By Steve Steffel and Alex Dinkel

Energy supply systems are facing significant changes in many countries around the globe. A good example is the German power system, where renewable energy sources are…

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By Jan von Appen, Martin Braun, Konrad Diwold and Dominik Geibel

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011 spurred numerous discussions and debates regarding the national energy policy of Japan.

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By Kazuhiko Ogimoto, Izumi Kaizuka, Yuzuru Ueda and Takashi Oozeki

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  • Letters to the Editor

    Readers are encouraged to share their views on issues affecting the electric power engineering profession. Send your letters to Mel …

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  • Leader’s Corner

    Recently I read an interesting article on the Internet. The author, who was born in 1947, wrote that he had found a record of…

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  • History

    The inspiration for this history article was supplied by Thomas J. Blalock, a frequent contributor of interesting and informative history articles…

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  • Awards

    The IEEE Fellow Award is a special recognition for members with extraordinary accomplishments in the IEEE technical fields.

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  • Calendar

    The IEEE Power & Energy Society website features a meetings section, which includes calls for papers and…

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  • In My View

    I’ve been involved with the solar industry since 1999 and have seen many peaks and valleys throughout the years. Fortunately, each peak has been higher than the last…

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