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A Global View

The Advent of Renewable Energy

Integrating Renewables into Transmission Systems

The advent of renewable forms of energy to the electric power system provides a myriad of opportunities, coupled with an extraordinary number of challenges. And perhaps nowhere are these parameters more exposed than in the ability of transmission systems to properly integrate them. The issues encountered are technologically challenging while simultaneously being intricately enmeshed in national geopolitical considerations. This issue, guest edited by Michael Henderson of ISO New England, offers an encompassing view of the issues faced, and especially of the lessons that have been learned.

The depth of the subject can only be addressed by a “global” viewing, as the approaches will invariably depend on both technology and governmental policies. As such, the issue offers experiences that emanate from Ireland, South America, and China, as well as from North America. It is our hope that the reader will be able to obtain a further understanding of the unique complexities that are encountered in different parts of our world.

In This Issue

The issue contains six feature articles that are properly introduced in Mike Henderson’s “Guest Editorial.” In advance of that, I offer their titles and authors below:

  • “Flexible Connections” by Hugh Rudnick, Luiz A. Barroso, Daniel Llarens, David Watts, and Rafael Ferreira
  • “By Leaps and Bounds” by Ming Ni and Zhixin Yang
  • “Penetrating Insights” by Richard Piwko, Peter Meibom, Hannele Holttinen, Baozhuang Shi, Nicholas Miller, Yongning Chi, and Weisheng Wang
  • “Twixt Land and Sea” by James Feltes, Ralph Hendriks, Steven Stapleton, Ronald Voelzke, Baldwin Lam, and Nancy Pfuntner
  • Safety in Numbers” by Ivan M. Dudurych, Alan Rogers, Robbie Aherne, Lei Wang, Fred Howell, and Xi Lin
  • “The Golden Spike” by Mark Reynolds, David Stidham, and Ziad Alaywan.

Words from the President-Elect

The “Leader’s Corner” column is authored by IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) President-Elect Miroslav Begovic and offers the opportunity for membership to meet him and to become familiar with the plans and aspirations he envisions for the Society. It also represents an opportunity to get your thoughts back to Miroslav, who would welcome hearing them.

New PES Fellows

Please be sure to look at our “Awards” column that features the class of 2012 PES members who have been elected IEEE Fellows. We trust most, if not all, of this group will be at the General Meeting in San Diego where their accomplishment will be formally recognized.

The Intriguing Thomas Murray

As a New York native and resident, I found the “History” article about Thomas Murray intriguing. I had no realization that so much of what I have come to know about the “electric” history of New York was so traceable to Murray’s ingenuity and business acumen. I am grateful to Joe Cunningham for this insightful piece and, of course, to Carl Sulzberger for his usual superb editorial work. As both Carl and I have told Joe, “welcome back and please be sure to come again; you are always welcome.”

Rules of Transmission

A fitting conclusion to our issue has been provided by Dale Osborn of the Midwest Independent Transmission Operator (MISO), whose “In My View” column is titled “19 Rules for Transmission.” In that piece Dale, who has conducted many studies of the MISO experience with wind generation, offers what he and MISO have concluded are 19 significant lessons obtained from a review of 17 wind energy projects. The lesson areas cited include resource policy, interconnections, economic operation, storage, and HVdc.

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