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Beginning in August, the voting membership of IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) will have the opportunity to elect our future leadership. The offices of president-elect, secretary, and treasurer for the period 2014–2015 will be decided. The candidates, nominated by the PES Nominations and Appointments Committee, chaired by Past-President Al Rotz and approved by the Governing Board, are presented together with their photos, biographies, and candidate statements.


Bruno MeyerBruno Meyer

Bruno Meyer is CEO of ARTERIA, a telecom subsidiary of RTE (the French electricity transmission system operator). He has worked with the utility EDF from 1985 to 2008, 20 years of which were in R&D. He joined RTE in 2009.

Through several engineering management positions, he has promoted international cooperation between utilities, manufacturers, consultants and academics. He was involved in projects in Europe, Canada, the United States, Brazil, China, and Japan, always stimulating innovation in a multicultural environment.

As a CEO, Meyer has proved to be a results-oriented executive with acknowledged successes. He still is committed to encouraging innovation and cooperation.

Meyer’s field of expertise includes power systems dynamics and economics, market regulation, smart grids, and telecommunications. In 2007 he started an international cooperation that led to one of the first European smart grids programs.

He has degrees in physics from Unicamp (B.Sc. 1979), Sao Paulo (M.Sc. 1981), and Edinburgh (Ph.D. 1984).

Meyer had been member of the PES Governing Board from 2006 to 2008 as Region 8 representative. He has participated in numerous conferences and working groups and has produced several papers and a book (most as coauthor). He was Chapter chair for France from 1998 to 2000. He is a member of the International Steering Committee of IEEE Powertech.

He received the Cigré Technical Committee Award in 1999. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Candidate Statement

Knowing the value of PES and its officers, it is a privilege to run for president. If elected, my priorities would be:

  • Low carbon economy: It is well known to be a major challenge. Its implications in terms of grid infrastructure, demand response, and market design are huge. PES has the expertise to propose innovative solutions and to explain them to the general public.
  • Training: Technology and energy environment are changing fast. PES should continue to offer a variety of global products for the benefit of its members, face to face as well as Web based, to keep professionals with the best possible level of expertise.
  • Networking: Local initiatives are taken at regional levels. New technical subjects are being addressed, new initiatives taken (Scholarship Plus, PES careers, Community Solutions Initiative, etc.). These, when relevant, should be given a global outreach.

My experience in a utility, with an R&D track record and an international multicultural background, gives me full confidence to meet the challenge to preside this organization that I’ve served for 23 years.

Damir NovoselDamir Novosel

Damir Novosel served as chair of the PES Technical Council, vice president of Technical Activities, and a member of the PES Governing Board from 2010 to 2012. He has been privileged to participate in PES successes, such as growing membership, industry leadership (e.g., PES publishes over 50% of all IEEE standards), support to industry through sharing best practices, and attracting a younger generation of new thinkers to join the ranks.

Novosel is the president of Quanta Technology, a subsidiary of Quanta Services, an S&P 500 company. Previously, he was vice president of ABB Automation Products and president of KEMA T&D US. In his leadership role, he supported engineers’ participation in IEEE and other professional organizations and promoted value of PES membership to employers.

Novosel holds 16 U.S. and international patents and published over 100 articles in transactions, journals and proceedings, receiving a PES 2011 Prize Paper Award. He has led or participated in numerous IEEE standards, publications and other initiatives, such as keynotes and panels.

Novosel has been a continuing contributor to education, including an adjunct professorship of electrical engineering at North Carolina State University, the sponsorship of college scholarship programs, and support to industry courses and tutorials.

He holds Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from Mississippi State University, where he was a Fulbright scholar, and the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Candidate Statement

My major goal would be to strengthen our global diversity by combining technical, business, and academic leadership experience to tap on your innovative ideas. Following are my concrete programs to be accomplished by incorporating your feedback and requests into our policies and activities:

  • Respond to changing industry needs with organization to provide technical leadership. Promote our members to lead industry initiatives, e.g., developing key policies.
  • Improve international involvement and leadership, including awareness, technical participation, and use of international meetings to foster cooperation.
  • Increase PES membership above 30,000 by articulating the benefits of participation
    • the achievement recognition programs to publicly acknowledge volunteers for their contributions, including correspondence to employers
    • energize and promote members at all grades and facilitate more tutorials, coaching, and connection programs
    • encourage greater participation by the younger generation through use of modern media and promotion of local engineering program with the chapters.

I am proud of what PES has become and excited about what we can do in the future to continue improving our service to the industry.


Mini ThomasMini Thomas

Mini Shaji Thomas graduated from the University of Kerala, completed her M.Tech. from IIT Madras (both with gold medals) and her Ph.D. from IIT Delhi, in electrical engineering. She is a professor and former head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) New Delhi. She coordinates the special assistance program on power system automation and other research projects. She has set up the first of its kind SCADA laboratory and substation automation laboratory and started a new M.Tech. program in electrical power system management at JMI. She is the recipient of the Career Award for young teachers, Government of India, and has published extensively in international journals and conferences of repute.

Thomas is currently a member of the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB, 2012–2013) and the PES Long-Range Planning Committee (2010–2013). She was a member of IEEE Publication Services and Products Board in 2012, served as the vice chair of IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board in 2010–2011, and was the Asia Pacific student activities coordinator 2007–2009. She has served the IEEE Delhi Section since 1999 and was PES Delhi Chapter chair 2011–2012. She has won the MGA Innovation Award, Outstanding Volunteer Award, Outstanding Branch Counselor Award, and PES Outstanding Chapter Engineer Award. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Candidate Statement

It is an honor to be nominated as a candidate for PES secretary. My experiences at the three major IEEE boards have given me valuable insights into the PES member value preposition, the importance of retention, elevation, and engagement of the members. The experience gained at EAB has given me a deep understanding of the university education and continuing education opportunities for PES members. With my exposure to global student activities during the last one decade, I am committed to improving the student member experience. I am aware of the challenges power engineers are facing globally and the tremendous opportunities awaiting us in the developing world. I am proficient in organizing effective meetings, giving attention to details, where the participants contribute and find value in attending. My presence on the board as the secretary will help PES to utilize my leadership and organizational skills, and technical expertise to motivate members, including student members, around a global vision. I seek your vote, and I am committed to serving the PES and you, my fellow PES members.

Lina Bertling TjernbergLina Bertling Tjernberg

Lina Bertling Tjernberg holds the chair of Professor in Sustainable Electric Power at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. During 2009–2012 she was head of the Division of Electric Power Engineering. She was with Svenska Kraftnät (the Swedish transmission systems operator) during 2007–2009 and with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), School of Electrical Engineering, Stockholm, during 1997–2009. She has been visiting researcher at the University of Saskatchewan during 2000, and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, and associated with Kinectrics Inc. during 2002/2003.

Her research interests are within electric power systems, current developments toward sustainable smart grid solutions, and specifically the application of probabilistic methods for reliability analysis and modeling and maintenance management. Her current research projects are within three areas of smart distribution systems (integration of electrical vehicles, smart meters), flexible ac/dc systems (HVDC grid), and asset management for wind power systems.

She serves on the PES board as treasurer. She is the chair of the Swedish PE/PEL Chapter and the IEEE PES Subcommittee on Risk, Reliability and Probability Applications, and she is an editor for IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid Technologies. She is an expert for the EU commission within energy and security, and a member of the Swedish Government Coordination Council for Smart Grid. She is a Senior Member of IEEE.

Candidate Statement

The PES plays a leading role in the global development of smart grid for sustainable energy systems. The real difference, however, is made by people. It is the energy in our network of people that creates miracles. I have found IEEE and PES to be a source of energy and inspiration in my life, since my very first attendance of the general meeting, in Edmonton 1999. The last two years I have served as treasurer of PES. It has been a great possibility to take part of the strategic work, to learn about all activities within the Society, and also in relationship with IEEE.

I am honored of being nominated for another position, as secretary in the Board. As part of the Board I would continue to serve our Society and work to strengthen PES outside of North America. I like to thank all of you that trusted me in my position, and I hope for continued support serving for the PES to maximize the benefits for you as member.


Jovica MilanovićJovica Milanović

Jovica V. Milanović received the Dipl.Ing. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the Ph.D. degree from the University of Newcastle, Australia, and the D.Sc. degree from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Prior to joining the University of Manchester, in 1998, he worked with “Energoproject,” Engineering and Consulting Co. and the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia, and the Universities of Newcastle and Tasmania in Australia.

Currently, he is a professor of electrical power engineering and director of external affairs in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Manchester (director of research 2007–2010), visiting professor at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, and conjoint professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He was chairman of three international conferences (including IEEE ISGT Europe 2011), editor or member of editorial/technical boards of 53 international journals and conferences, research project assessor for 12 international government research funding councils, member of six (convener of two) past or current IEEE/CIGRE/CIRED WG, and consultant or member of advisory boards for several international companies. He gave eight keynote speeches at international conferences and presented 60 courses/tutorials to industry and academia around the world. He is a Chartered Engineer in the United Kingdom, foreign member of the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences, FIET, FIEEE and IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Candidate Statement

While being unexpectedly honored by this nomination, I am fully aware of the responsibilities and commitments that it carries. If elected, I shall employ my extensive academic and industrial experience acquired in different countries and cultural environments around the world to strengthen PES’s international presence and collaboration, demographic inclusiveness, and broadening of its overall societal influence and contribution. I shall use my team motivation and efficient leadership style, developed through exemplary leadership of international working groups and research teams and management of research and external affairs of one of the leading electrical engineering schools in the United Kingdom, to help set realistic goals for the PES and deliver them efficiently, on time and within the budget.

Scope and quality of service to all members, cost efficiency of initiatives taken, and accountability for the actions will be the driving force behind my effort to help PES becoming undisputed internationally leading technical Society with active branches throughout the world that inspire and motivate young people and new generations of engineers and give full contribution to their local communities

Christopher RootChristopher Root

Christopher Root has recently retired as senior vice president of Network Strategy for National Grid after 29 years. His career has been split between power system engineering in all facets of the utility industry and operations where he was senior VP of T&D Operations for over ten years, dealing with all operational aspects of an utility. Root is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (master’s in power systems engineering) and Northeastern University (bachelor of science in electrical engineering). In 1997, he completed the program for management development of the Harvard University Graduate School of Business. He is a registered professional engineer in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, has been a member since 1980, and has been active in the Governing Board as a member at large and as secretary for four years. He has authored, coauthored, and presented papers at various IEEE forums. Root was awarded the 2009 Outstanding Engineer Award for initiating and leading the successful renewal of the Boston Chapter of IEEE PES and for his overall contributions to the PES. He is the chair of the PES Leadership in Power Award.

Candidate Statement

As my PES secretary term ends, I believe that my contributions represented the utility industry and working engineers at the Governing Board. A balanced board, representing members from all major groups of PES, is a necessity. As a utility executive, I have tried to voice the concerns of its engineers and managers.

As our industry changed, and given the significant workforce and technology challenges we face, PES is uniquely positioned to continue to play a major role in developing and educating our members.

I have spent 30 years in the utility industry, mostly in positions of managing people and budgets. I have a deep appreciation for the need to manage the funds paid by members in a responsible and prudent manner. This motivates me to run for treasurer, as it is the treasurer’s role to ensure monies are spent prudently, ethically, and are accurately accounted.

I ask you consider my candidacy for treasurer as a utility professional and leader in the industry who has the experience and passion to represent you on the Governing Board.

2013 IEEE Medal In Power Engineering: Hermann W. Dommel

Hermann W. DommelFor pioneering contributions to the methods of analyzing electromagnetic transients and optimal power flow in electric power systems.

Hermann W. Dommel’s development of landmark computer methods for analyzing and modeling the effects of electromagnetic transients and optimizing power flow in power systems has played a critical role in advancing the electric power grid. His pioneering work during the 1960s set the foundation for the electromagnetic transients program (EMTP) software that has become an indispensable tool in the power industry. Electromagnetic transients can occur due to network switching, system faults, or lightning and can cause power surges detrimental to the electric grid. Dr. Dommel’s EMTP technology, which can be found in well-known commercial software packages today, helps utility companies predict these surges for more reliable and efficient operation. Dr. Dommel also developed methods for optimal power flow with W.F. Tinney in 1968 that were quickly implemented in power system operations centers for real-time monitoring and analysis of the power grid.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Dommel’s many honors include the IEEE Power and Energy Society’s Charles Concordia Power Systems Engineering Award (2011). Dr. Dommel is a Professor Emeritus with the University of British Columbia’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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