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After the Blackout

Power Systems Restored

What appears like a proliferation of blackouts worldwide as a result of abnormal storm activity, man-made accidents, climate change, or operator error was the genesis for a discussion at an IEEE Power & Energy Magazine Editorial Board meeting that led to this issue devoted to system restoration after a blackout. And it was one of the leaders of that discussion, Michael Henderson, who made a strong case for the issue and then volunteered to assume the lead role in its preparation. Though the issue’s feature articles relate to specific events that occurred in the United States, the lessons learned and the technologies that are available to speed system restoration are applicable to power systems worldwide, and sharing these experiences may hopefully assist others in dealing with future catastrophic events whenever and wherever they occur.

In This Issue

Mike Henderson’s guest editorial provides a cohesive background of the subject as well as an introduction to the issue theme and is required reading. He then introduces the six feature articles, putting each into proper perspective and offering an insight to their contents. I am most grateful to Mike for the efforts he has exerted to produce this issue and believe it will provide an insightful look at a complex situation as well as reading pleasure for all.

New PES President

January 2014 marks the beginning of Miroslav Begovic’s term as IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) president. We are pleased to present his thoughts for the future of PES in the “Leader’s Corner” column and look forward to the periodic updates that will be coming from Miroslav and other elected PES officers during the next two years of their terms of office.

Vancouver, Revisted

To those who attended the unforgettable 2013 PES General Meeting in beautiful Vancouver, coverage of that event in “Society News” will bring back pleasant memories. To those who were not in Vancouver, I hope the coverage will encourage you to consider taking part in the upcoming 2014 General Meeting.

AC in Colorado

Our issue’s “History” column, “Telluride Power Co.” by Alan Drew and edited by Carl Sulzberger, tells the story of the seminal Ames Hydroelectric Plant in Telluride, Colorado (an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering), that was the forerunner for the advent of large-scale ac power plants in North America. Carl’s introduction to the article provides additional background information about both the project and Alan Drew, its author.

Self-Healing Grids

Massoud Amin provides a compelling narrative in his “In My View” column, “A Smart Self-Healing Grid.” The point, which was the theme of a recent issue of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, is that we are surrounded by complex interactive network ­systems related to electric power, fuel supply communications, transportation, etc., that are interdependent, thereby increasing the potential for more dramatic mishaps. Among the thoughts conveyed in this column, Massoud writes about creating a “smart self-healing grid that enables real-time monitoring using synchrophasors which enable operators to react quickly, as well as rapid isolation to enable more rapid restoration.” There is considerably more detail in this piece, which makes for provocative and very interesting reading.

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