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It’s Our Time!

Make the most of your PES membership

It is an honor and a privilege to have an opportunity to be your IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) president for 2012 and 2013. As we enter a new year, our profession is the “talk of the town,” and I want to encourage you to make PES more of your professional present and future! Pick up a newspaper or magazine or read one online, and you’ll see topics related to smart grid, renewable energy, electric vehicles, power blackouts, and more.

Often as members of our professional societies, we are passive members. We all receive a copy of this wonderful magazine, IEEE Power & Energy Magazine. My goal over the next two years is for all 28,000+ PES members to be more active members of our technical society by doing more than reading this magazine—be active by participating in the many different programs and activities PES has to offer. These activities include advancing your professional career as well as helping develop tomorrow’s workforce.

Over the last six years, our previous PES presidents, John McDonald, Wanda Reder, and Al Rotz, have worked with the excellent PES Executive Office staff and numerous volunteers to develop many programs and activities that can advance your career and professional development.

What Can You Get from PES?

Over the next two years I would like to challenge every PES member to extend your involvement in this Society. Where do you start? Start with one of the following.

  • PES Chapters: PES has more than 220 chapters worldwide that provide a platform for networking with other professionals and offer training about new technologies. While many of us are connected through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, take an opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with power professionals. Go online and find the chapter closest to you and work to attend a meeting or two.
  • PES Conferences or Meetings: In recent years, PES has expanded its sponsored and technically cosponsored meetings beyond North America including the recent set of regional Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) conferences. PES has plans for conferences in six continents during 2012. Go to the meetings and conferences Web site and find a conference near you. If you want to “kick a tire or two” for power equipment or software systems, join us at the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition in Orlando in early May.
  • PES Publications and Publicity: Advancements are happening very fast in today’s power and energy field. Learn more by regularly reading our monthly e-newsletter, IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, our five transactions, or one of our conference proceedings online in IEEE Xplore. Learn about recent developments through technical committee publications including guides and standards.
  • PES Education: Over the last several years PES has worked to develop courses, tutorials, and online materials to help you keep up with technological changes in our fast-paced profession. Plain Talk courses are available in cooperation with conferences or as stand-alone events. Attend one of these workshops and expand your horizons. PES has also helped develop online materials. Check out these resources at http://ieee-elearning.org/.

Pick one or more of these areas and do several new activities in 2012!

What Can You Give to PES?

As a power and energy professional you can take advantage of PES activities and you can also give back to PES. One of the strengths of IEEE and PES is the involvement of volunteers at all levels of the organization. I would like to challenge every PES member to give back to our profession and PES through volunteer service activities.

  • PES Chapters: Consider being an officer in your Chapter or organizing a program that would benefit other power and energy professionals in your community.
  • PES Technical Committees, Standards, and Meetings: Consider getting more involved in technical committees, coordinating committees, working groups, and task forces. Many of these groups have interactions in between conferences or meetings and use technology to include members worldwide. Involvement in standards is also important especially with emerging topics related to the smart grid. Volunteer to help organize a panel at an international or local conference. Help mentor a new engineer in your technical area.
  • PES Publications: Your first opportunity is to disseminate some best practices or share something you have done to advance our profession. Write a paper about this and present it at a conference or submit it to a journal. Another opportunity is to be a reviewer for technical papers and help maintain our high quality of technical information within IEEE Xplore.
  • PES Education and Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce: PES has several programs that are geared toward developing the workforce of tomorrow. Contact your alma mater or a local university or college and make sure they know about the Scholarship Plus program for Regions 1–6 and PES Careers for Regions 1–8. Work with the faculty at a local university or high school to schedule a site visit to a power and energy work site to show students the exciting activities within our field. Make a presentation in an elementary school to students about careers in engineering, particularly power and energy.
  • PES Outreach: Get involved in one of PES’s outreach activities through the Community Solutions Initiative program or find another avenue to get power and energy professionals involved in outreach to communities, close and far.
  • PES Awards: Nominate a deserving colleague for an award, IEEE Senior Member, or IEEE Fellow. See my “Leader’s Corner” column in the September 2011 issue for more information on this area.

Visit the “Make the Most of your PES Membership” page for additional ideas and information.

So my challenge to you in 2012 is to exercise the benefits you have within PES to help your career and our profession. Through active involvement by our members we will continue to push the forefront of technical advancements and workforce development. As the third largest Society of 38 within IEEE, we have an opportunity to leverage today’s hot topics so that PES can continue its leadership within the electrical and computer engineering community and around the world.

I hope you’ll keep in touch with me (n.schulz@ieee.org) as you have ideas and suggestions for PES. I will have a monthly letter update in the PES e-newsletter with my activities. Additionally I encourage you to follow our PES tweets, @ieee_pes, as well as check our Web site regularly.

It’s our time to shine, so let’s do it together! Take steps in 2012 to be a more active member of PES! You’ll be glad you did.

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