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Energy for All
Connecting the Dots
Distributed Management Systems
The Waves of Wind
Keeping the Smart Grid Safe
Lessons Learned
Taking a Global Look
The New World
The Emerging Field of Data Analytics
Plugging into DC
Electrifying Education
All in a Day's Work
Facing New Challenges
Reaching for the Light
Seasons of Change
Protection from the Storm
Europe Lights the Way
Global Changes

From the Editor

Introduction to this Issue

As today’s electric utility industry relies increasingly on digital electronic devices and communications to optimize system operation and increase reliability…

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Guest Editorial

Introduction to the Feature Articles

There is a major growth in electrical and computer engineering research focused squarely on what has become known as the smart grid.

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Feature Articles

A critical consideration in the development of smarter electrical grids is to ensure best security practices.

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By Daniel E. Nordell

In countries with mature economies, power distribution networks play a critical role in supporting the industrialized society.

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By Faycal Bouhafs, Michael Mackay and Madjid Merabti

The existing power delivery system is vulnerable to…

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By S. Massoud Amin and Anthony M. Giacomoni

The use of supervisory control and SCADA became popular in the 1960s due to the expense of manual monitoring and control and an increase in the complexity of the systems.

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By Julie Hull, Himanshu Khurana, Tom Markham and Kevin Staggs

It is generally recognized that a high-bandwidth and highly available networked communication system should overlay the transmission system topology in order to…

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By David Anderson, Chuanlin Zhao, Carl H. Hauser, Vaithianathan Venkatasubramanian, David E. Bakken and Anjan Bose

A power grid is a critical infrastructure that relies on supervisory control and SCADA systems for monitoring, control, and operation.

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By Chen-Ching Liu, Alexandru Stefanov, Junho Hong and Patrick Panciatici

Deregulation, market transactions, congestion management, and the separation of functions have created increasing complexity that is making it difficult to…

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By Rakesh B. Bobba, Jeff Dagle, Erich Heine, Himanshu Khurana, William H. Sanders, Peter Sauer and Tim Yardley

Departments & Columns

  • Leader’s Corner

    It is an honor and a privilege to have an opportunity to be your IEEE Power & Energy Society president for 2012 and 2013.

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  • History

    Biltmore, located in Asheville in western North Carolina, is considered to be the largest private residence in the United States.

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  • Society News

    The awards dinner at the 2011 General Meeting in Detroit featured the presentation of IEEE and IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) awards to worthy recipients.

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  • Calendar

    The IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Web site features a meetings section, which includes calls for papers and additional information about each of the PES-sponsored meetings.

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  • In My View

    The best defense against any potential disaster is preparation. Taking the time to protect key assets before disaster strikes can…

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  • Advertisers Index

    The Advertisers Index contained in this issue is compiled as a service to our readers and advertisers…

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