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Good Vibrations

The United States has arrived at a critical juncture in its energy future. The stakes for addressing climate change, energy …

Issue: September/October 2011

From the Editor

The true management of power distribution systems is certainly an area that had previously not received much intense thought…

Issue: September/October 2011

I Sing the Mapboard Electric

A flexible, scalable control center environment has been the vision and is now the goal of many distribution utilities. The …

Issue: September/October 2011

Leader’s Corner

Many times the public takes for granted how electricity powers their days and makes a difference in their lives.

Issue: September/October 2011

Guest Editorial

The theme for this issue is distribution management systems (DMSs). The power distribution system is a critical element of the developing smart grid…

Issue: September/October 2011

Power Steering

Distribution networks are facing significant technical constraints and uncertainties. Distribution network operators (DNOs) need to improve the quality of service, …

Issue: September/October 2011


Most students of world war II are aware of the thousands of barrage balloons that Britain employed throughout the war…

Issue: September/October 2011

Power to the People

The electricity industry remains the last major industry that has not fully exploited sensors, communications, and computational ability to enhance …

Issue: September/October 2011

Society News

The IEEE power & energy society (PES) mourns the passing of two of its esteemed members: Paul Anderson and John Vithayathil.

Issue: September/October 2011

Lines of Communication

Modern power systems include elements ranging all the way from central station generation and transmission down to customer-owned distribution generation, …

Issue: September/October 2011

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