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The Cold Truth

During the winter of 2013–2014, ISO-NE, the independent system operator bulk electric system operator for the…

Issue: November/December 2014

A Natural Fit

South America is one of the most dynamic regions for the joint development of natural gas and electricity…

Issue: November/December 2014

Power Cycling

This article provides an overview of the EU electricity and natural gas sectors by focusing on the specific case…

Issue: November/December 2014

Crossroads of Power

Electricity continues to be the cornerstone of every developing economy, with many untapped opportunities…

Issue: November/December 2014

Generation to Come

This article describes the national fuel mix and electric system plans of South Korea…

Issue: November/December 2014

Pipeline to Reliability

Uncertainties surrounding the continued operation of older coal generation units, the increased penetration of…

Issue: November/December 2014

From the Editor

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion, up from around 7 billion today. Combined with rising standards of living, this may…

Issue: November/December 2014

Leader’s Corner

I had just arrived at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland, the venue of 2014 IEEE PES General Meeting…

Issue: November/December 2014

Guest Editorial

The electric power system’s mix of generation provides capacity and generates electrical energy using a variety of fuels…

Issue: November/December 2014

Society News

During the 2014 PES T&D Conference and Exposition in Chicago this past April, the conference’s 50th anniversary…

Issue: November/December 2014

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