November/December 2011 | IEEE Power & Energy Magazine
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A Blast of Activity

The growth of wind power activities within the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) has been nothing short of phenomenal. …

Issue: November/December 2011

Wind Energy in China

China is a land with abundant wind resources. According to the latest official release of the national wind energy resource …

Issue: November/December 2011

Currents of Change

The power systems in Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Germany have some of the highest wind penetrations in the world, …

Issue: November/December 2011

Leader’s Corner

When I’m asked what stands out over the last two years, the answer is obvious. It is the PES volunteers I have met and worked with.

Issue: November/December 2011

Driving Forces Behind Wind

The regional transmission organizations (RTOs), independent system operators (ISOs), and utilities in the United States are coordinating interregional studies and …

Issue: November/December 2011

Book Reviews

There are two books reviewed in this issue. The first book, Linear Systems, is a valuable contribution to the library …

Issue: November/December 2011

Balancing Act

Anticipating substantial growth of renewable variable generation such as wind and solar resources, the planning and operating committees of the …

Issue: November/December 2011


The IEEE Power & Energy Society Web site features a meetings section, which includes calls for papers and additional information about each of the PES-sponsored meetings.

Issue: November/December 2011

Guest Editorial

Looking back two years to the last issue of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine devoted to utility wind integration issues…

Issue: November/December 2011

Models for Change

Not much more than a decade ago, the desired action for a wind generation facility was to shut down or …

Issue: November/December 2011

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