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From the Editor

The paradigms that are faced by the global power industry today are more complicated and confused than I have experienced during my 50-year career…

Issue: May/June 2012

Twin Peaks

The energy sector faces twin challenges. The first is to make more energy available at affordable prices…

Issue: May/June 2012

Leader’s Corner

With 29,410 members and growing, the IEEE Power & Energy Society has members all over the world.

Issue: May/June 2012

Forward Pass

Public policies at both the state and federal levels in the United States are poised to significantly alter…

Issue: May/June 2012

Challenges Ahead

The Chinese government and power industry face important challenges. In the past three decades…

Issue: May/June 2012

Guest Editorial

The main challenges facing humanity are access to energy, water, and food to supply a fast-growing population and the ability to achieve that without…

Issue: May/June 2012


On 10 May 2011, members and officers of IEEE, officials of Con Edison, and friends gathered at the Con Edison…

Issue: May/June 2012

Expansion Pressure

In Latin America, primary energy demand is projected to grow on average by 1.7% per year…

Issue: May/June 2012

Growing Pains

India needs economic growth of 8-10% over the next three decades to satisfy its human development needs.

Issue: May/June 2012

Society News

Four members of the IEEE Power & Energy Society have been selected as recipients of…

Issue: May/June 2012

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