March/April 2012 | IEEE Power & Energy Magazine
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Flexible Connections

South American countries account for a small portion of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHE)…

Issue: March/April 2012

By Leaps and Bounds

New wind power installations in China have doubled every year since 2004.

Issue: March/April 2012

From the Editor

The advent of renewable forms of energy to the electric power system provides a myriad of opportunities, coupled with an extraordinary number of challenges.

Issue: March/April 2012

Leader’s Corner

The elections of 2011 are over, and the new IEEE Power & Energy (PES) leadership is in place.

Issue: March/April 2012

Penetrating Insights

Wind power is one of the most cost-effective sources of renewable energy.

Issue: March/April 2012

Guest Editorial

The successful integration of renewable resources requires supportive governmental policies, favorable economics, and the proper application…

Issue: March/April 2012

Twixt Land and Sea

Offshore wind power is a relatively new market that has only really emerged on a commercial scale in the last decade.

Issue: March/April 2012

Safety in Numbers

As a global trend in clean and renewable power, wind power generation has significantly increased…

Issue: March/April 2012


The inventors and pioneers of electrical systems are well documented, but little has been written about those entrepreneurs who brought electric power within the reach of the general public.

Issue: March/April 2012


The IEEE Fellow Award is a special recognition for members with extraordinary accomplishments in the IEEE technical fields.

Issue: March/April 2012

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