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The Big Picture

The evolutionary path of the U.S. electricity grid is at a historical crossroads.

Issue: July/August 2012

From the Editor

The term “smart grid” is one that has become ubiquitous, but its definition is flexible. Generically the following definition may apply as well as any: a smart grid is…

Issue: July/August 2012

Beyond the Crystal Ball

Signs are emerging that North American power markets are moving toward commonality and maturity in their function, if not their operations.

Issue: July/August 2012

Letters to the Editor

Readers are encouraged to share their views on issues affecting the electric power engineering profession.

Issue: July/August 2012

See It Fast to Keep Calm

As the electrical utility industry addresses energy and environmental needs through use of renewable energy, storage, and other technologies…

Issue: July/August 2012

Leader’s Corner

As the division VII director, I have a unique opportunity to see the intersection of Power & Energy Society and IEEE activities.

Issue: July/August 2012


A great deal has been written about the work of William Stanley in creating the first practical alternating current installation in 1886.

Issue: July/August 2012

The Power to Deliver

Looking at the communication industry, one observes how drastically the communication horizon has changed. A new era of consumer choice has been inaugurated.

Issue: July/August 2012

Society News

Beginning in August, the 2012 the election for the position of IEEE Division VII director-elect for 2013 will be held.

Issue: July/August 2012

Strait Ahead

Given the increase in global energy consumption in tandem with economic growth and finite supplies of fossil fuels, the cost of producing electricity from conventional…

Issue: July/August 2012

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