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Streams of Data

Automating Knowledge and Information

The ever-increasing sophistication required to operate the electric grid requires the rapid assimilation of captured measurements from installed management systems to ensure system reliability while reducing operating and maintenance costs. This paradigm is the focus of our issue devoted to automating knowledge and information.

At the IEEE Power & Energy Magazine (P&E) Editorial Board meeting in Detroit at the PES General Meeting in 2011, Mladen Kezunovic of Texas A&M University offered a presentation related to the issues and challenges that are present as our industry moves forward and, as a result of that presentation, the Board accepted his proposal to guest edit aP&E issue devoted to the subject.

As an adjunct to the presentations in the issue, it should be noted that the U.S. National Institute of Standards (NIST) is in the process of undertaking the development of protocols to assist in the preparation of standards to accomplish this integration. This work is coordinated through the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP).

In This Issue

This issue presents five feature articles, covering the myriad issues associated with this subject. Though Mladen will offer detailed descriptions of the ­articles in his guest editorial, allow me to introduce them in their order of ­appearance in the issue:

  • The Situation Room by Jay Giri, Manu Parashar, Jos Trehern, and Vahid Madani
  • “Operating in the Fog” by Patrick Panciatici, Gabriel Bareux, and Louis Wehenkel
  • “Metrics for Success” by Murat Göl, Ali Abur, and Floyd Galvan
  • “Measures of Value” by Tomo Popovic and Mladen Kezunovic
  • “One Step Ahead” by Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Kurt Rohrig, and István Erlich.

The Berkshires, Part 2

Our issue’s “History” column returns to the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, which, I might offer, are magnificent in September. The column by Tom Blalock, edited by Carl Sulzberger, is a continuation of that which appeared in our previous issue. It again focuses on William Stanley’s contributions to the electrification of Berkshire County in the late 19th and early 20th ­centuries. And yet again Tom Blalock has graced our pages, and it is hoped that he will continue to offer his contributions.

Cause and Effect

The “In My View” column, authored by Stipe Fustar, president and CEO of Power Grid 360, is a fitting conclusion to the ­issue theme. In his column, Dr. Fustar looks at architecture and technology perspectives, interoperability perspectives, and the standards efforts underway to develop a comprehension of the complexities that are associated with this all-important, though difficult, analysis. He concludes, “A common semantic model should be used to ­describe data and cause-effect action ­unambiguously.” Amen!

P&E Wins Grand Award

IEEE Power & Energy Magazine won a Grand Award for the July/August 2011 issue in the 2012 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. Even though this magazine was entered in the “Green” Magazines and Journals category for the issue titled “Getting Around: Transportation Goes Electric,” it was chosen as one out of 100 best entries in the competition and was honored with a Grand Award.

According to APEX, only 100 Grand Awards, in 11 major categories, were presented. This is the highest recognition that APEX judges can present.

This magazine is produced by the IEEE Power & Energy Society, and this award recognized Mel Olken as the editor-in-chief. IEEE staff for this ­magazine are Geri Krolin-Taylor, ­senior managing editor, Janet Dudar, senior art director, and Gail Schnitzer, assistant art director.

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