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From the Editor

Introduction to this Issue

At the IEEE Power & Energy Magazine Editorial Board meeting held during the 2012 IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) General Meeting in San Diego…

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Guest Editorial

Introduction to the Feature Articles

The European power system is facing tremendous changes and challenges to improve its sustainability and the security of supply and to implement the…

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Feature Articles

The transition to a low-carbon economy will create major challenges for the European energy sector in the 21st century. In this sector, electricity is a very important…

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By Sébastien Henry, Patrick Panciatici and Alexandre Parisot

Immediately after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, the German federal government imposed a moratorium on nuclear power plants. In doing so, it shifted the fundamental…

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By Olivier Feix

Several initiatives have been launched in the last decade…

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By Ettore Bompard, Gianluca Fulli, Mircea Ardelean and Marcelo Masera

The electricity distribution business in Europe is made up of more than 2,400 companies that serve 260 million…

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By Pierre Mallet, Per-Olof Granström, Per Hallberg, Gunnar Lorenz and Pavla Mandatova

When it was adopted in 2009, the energy and climate policy package created by the European Union—which consisted of targets for renewable energy consumption…

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By Giuseppe Lorubio and Pierre Schlosser

Departments & Columns

  • Leader’s Corner

    Over the past decade, the power industry has awakened from a prolonged stagnation of investment, technology, and processes that…

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  • History

    Direct current power transmission first came into existence in France through the contribution of…

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  • Awards

    The IEEE Fellow Award is a special recognition for Members with extraordinary accomplishments in the IEEE technical fields…

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  • Calendar

    The IEEE Power & Energy Society website features a meetings section, which includes calls for papers and…

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  • In My View

    The European electric power system is undergoing remarkable changes to support the energy transition put forward by the policy makers…

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