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Congratulations to the Class of 2013

The IEEE Fellow Award is a special recognition for members with extraordinary accomplishments in the IEEE technical fields. To ensure that the recognition is extraordinary, the total number of recipients each year cannot exceed 0.1% of the total higher grade IEEE membership.

The Class of 2013

As chair of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Fellows Committee, I congratulate the following outstanding PES members for their accomplishments.

Peter Balma
For leadership in developing technical guides for electric power equipment.

Branislav Djokic
For contributions to precision metrology in electrical power applications.

Ahmed Elantably
For contributions to ac machinery for electrical traction.

Ayman EL-Refaie
For contributions to high-speed permanent magnet machines for transportation and aerospace systems.

Ali Emadi
For contributions to electric power conversion and control for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Johan Enslin
For contributions to integration of renewable energy into power networks and using power electronics.

Bruce Fardanesh
For contributions to phasor measurement technology and flexible ac transmission systems.

Lalit Goel
For contributions to the development and application of reliability techniques in electric power systems.

Leonid Grcev
For contributions to transient electromagnetic modeling of grounding systems.

James Harlow
For leadership in IEEE technical and standardization committees on transformer technology.

Dan Ionel
For contributions to the analysis, design, and manufacturing of high-efficiency electric machines.

Swarn Kalsi
For development and application of high temperature superconductor electric power equipment.

Geoffrey Klempner
For contributions to steam turbine-driven generators.

David Larbalestier
For contributions to development of superconducting materials leading to high field magnetics.

Marco Liserre
For contributions to grid connection of renewable energy systems and industrial drives.

Eugene Litvinov
For leadership in market design and power system control.

Chih-Wen Liu
For applications of phasor measurements to fault location and dynamics monitoring in power networks.

Jean Mahseredjian
For contributions to computation and modeling of power systems transients.

William McCown
For leadership in the design, application, and manufacturing of superconducting generators and turbogenerators.

Alex McEachern
For contributions to power quality measurement and immunity.

Kipling Morison
For contributions to online stability assessment tools for power systems.

Sreenivasa Murthy
For contributions to self-excited induction generators and renewable energy applications.

Chikaodinaka Nwankpa
For contributions to real-time computation in power system analysis.

Bikash Pal
For contributions to power system stability and control.

Jong-Keun Park
For contributions to design of electricity markets.

Steven Pekarek
For contributions to modeling and simulation of electrical machines.

Serge Pelissou
For contributions to characterization of extruded cables and components in their life cycle.

David Perreault
For contributions to design and application of very high frequency power electronic converters.

John Pierre
For development of signal processing methods for estimation of powersystem stability.

Kameshwar Poolla
For contributions to system identification, robust control, and applications to semiconductor manufacturing.

James Charles Smith
For leadership in integration of wind energy sources into the electric power grid.

Marc Stubbe
For contributions to power system analysis and simulation techniques.

Leon Tolbert
For contributions to multilevel power electronic converter technology.

Dehong Xu
For contributions to power electronic applications to renewable energy systems.

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