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The Power of Education

Electrifying Students of All Ages

The resurgence of power engineering on college campuses as a result of our profession arriving at the cutting edge of technology opens exhilarating and sobering possibilities. Certainly the re-energization (pardon the pun) of what had been perceived as a moribund technology offers a challenge to our educational structure to reintroduce ourselves and to offer opportunities to those students who are being enticed to join our ranks. Those challenges were deemed worthy of devoting an issue of our publication to presenting a picture of what is ongoing in the academic world to fulfill our obligations. At a recent meeting of the IEEE Power & Energy Magazine Editorial Board, Pete Sauer, who is both a member of the Editorial Board as well as the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) vice president for Educational Activities, accepted the role of serving as a guest editor of such a themed issue.

In This Issue

Pete has assembled a cohesive set of feature articles, which offers an insight into newly developed programs at universities that attempt to reach students ranging from high school through graduate school. The five articles, which are listed below in their order of presentation, offer a wide range of thoughts on various approaches that are now in place. In the listing, I have also indicated the universities that are involved with each article, an indication of the ubiquity of the efforts.

The issue’s feature articles are:

  • “The Sky’s the Limit!” by Worcester, Hickox, Klimaszewski, Wilches-Bernal, Chow, and Chen (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
  • “Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks” by Aronoff, Champion, Lauer, and Pahwa (Emory University and Kansas State University)
  • “Study Buddies” by Srivastava, Hauser, and Bakken (Washington State University)
  • “Five Heads Are Better Than One” by Namboodiri, Aravinthan, Joseph, Sawan, and Jewell (Witchita State University)
  • “Training Tornado” by Gill, Kane, Infield, Leithead, and McDonald (University of Strathclyde).

General Meeting Highlights

The “Society News” column of our issue offers a photo collage of some of the highlights of the 2012 PES General Meeting held in San Diego, California this past summer. For some it will serve as a reminder of a delightful and fruitful week, and for others I trust it will serve as an encouragement to attend the 2013 PES General Meeting that will be held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, in July.

The Centennial of Grand Central Station

As a native New Yorker, Grand Central Station has always been just that to me – a grand edifice. Today it is not only a transportation hub but also an iconic, historic landmark housing many businesses and very much a major attraction for locals and tourists. The year 2013 marks the centennial of the building we know today. But the edifice was also a major electrical milestone as you will read in our “History” column. Our old friend Joseph Cunningham who returns to our pages in this issue his column, edited by Associate Editor Carl Sulzberger, in which he reviews the superb engineering displayed by Frank Sprague in its design. The development of multiple unit railway cars and under-running third rails by Sprague for this project was pioneering railroad developments, still functional to this day. Carl Sulzberger’s introduction to the article and the article itself make for engrossing reading.

Getting Off the Grid

Our “In My View” column is authored by Associate Editor Gerald Sheblé. It was written from his vantage point in Sydney, Australia, while also looking at recent developments throughout the world. Gerry is reporting about a recent trend to provide electricity to facilities without being connected to the grid. The microgrids that are developing to accomplish this are becoming more numerous and innovative. This is a column very worth reading and is fodder for commentary. I would be very pleased to post the commentary and use it to open a dialogue about a very innovative and perhaps controversial subject.

Award-Winning Magazine (Again!)

We won another award for the July/August 2011 issue, Getting Around: Transportation Goes Electric. (You may recall that this issue was a Grand Award Winner in the 2012 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence). In Min’s 2012 Editorial and Design Awards, we received an honorable mention in the category of single magazine issue. According to Min (which stands for Media Industry Newsletter), “Through our Editorial & Design Awards, we recognize the very best work done by the editors, writers, art directors and photographers who continue to elevate the craft of magazine publishing – be it in print, delivered on mobile devices or online – through their hard work, creativity and innovation.” Congratulations to all who worked on that issue!

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